Timber Harvesting FAQ

Why should I have my Timber Harvested?

There are several benefits to harvesting timber.

  • Reducing the density of the forest can increase the overall health by removing undesirable trees to allow more sunlight and nutrition for more preferred species.
  • Your standing timber has value.  If you have your timber managed and harvested properly it can bring you income now and in the future.
  • Trees can lose value if they stand too long before they are harvested.  The tree will begin to die from the inside out after it has completed its lifespan.  The tree could even look healthy and even leaf out but be decomposing on the inside.  Premier South Foresters’ can identify these types of trees before it is even cut.
  • To improve wildlife habitat.  A harvest will create new forest floor growth.  This provides cover and food for wildlife and can improve herd and flock numbers.
  • Improve the safety of your woodlot by removing weaker trees that can pose a danger under high winds.

Am I required by law to use forestry timber harvesting guidelines or best management practices (BMPs) when harvesting timber on my property?

States in the southeast have chosen to make their timber harvesting guidelines or BMP programs voluntary on private forest lands. However, within some areas of the states, these practices may be required based on county or city zoning and regulations. Premier South Timber will be able to determine the status of your property and any local requirements. In some cases permits or zoning changes are required. Premier South Timber can sometimes help with permits or other requirements needed to harvest your timber.

What determines the value of my timber?

The value of standing timber is determined by species, grade, size, health and the current market prices.  This is one of the many reasons you want to make sure you are working with an experienced knowledgeable harvester. By staying in constant contact with log and pulp markets, Premier South Timber provides landowners with the best current market price and timely harvesting schedules.

Do I need to register my timber harvest plans anywhere?

In some states, a cutting notice must be filed with an appropriate governmental entity before any timber can be harvested. As regulations vary from one state to another, ask Premier South Timber as they will be knowledgeable about state and local regulations.

How many acres do I need to have my Timber Harvested?

In some cases a woodlot of as little as 10 acres could benefit from a Timber Harvest.

Why would I leave some or all of the slash in the woods and retain some standing live trees?

Slash and leave trees are important to maintain forest biodiversity and for wildlife habitat. Retaining slash across the site may also be important to maintain the productive capacity of forest soils.

How often can I have my Timber Harvested?

If the woodlot has been properly managed it could possibly be harvestable about every ten years.

What will my forest look like after a Timber Harvest?

The aesthetics are actually improved because of our selective practices of harvest.  Trails are added as a result of the harvest.  If roadways existed prior, then we maintain them during the harvest and are left in as good as or better condition than they were prior to the harvest.  Be sure to check out our before and after pictures on our Pictures and Video’s Page.

What kind of equipment is used in a Timber Harvest?

The equipment we currently use in the Timber Harvest process are rubber- tired articulated machinery, consisting of high speed saw tree cutter, a skidder and a knuckle boom loader.

What is a “Timber Stand Improvement” or “T.S.I”?

T.S.I. meaning is improving the quality of a forest stand by removing or deadening undesirable species to achieve desired stocking and species composition. TSI practices include applying herbicides, burning, girdling, or pre-commercial and commercial timber harvests.

What is a “Seed Tree”?

A Seed Tree is a tree that produces seeds; usually a superior tree left standing at the time of cutting to produce seeds for reforestation.

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